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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
import os
import PyPDF2
class pdfSplitter():
def __init__(self, original_pdf, out_name, splits):
Creates new instance of pdfSplitter class
:param original_pdf: String for path to pdf file to split from
:param out_name: prefix for output files
:param splits: Array of intervals to split on
self.original_pdf = original_pdf
self.original = open(self.original_pdf, 'rb')
self.original_reader = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(self.original)
self.out_name = out_name
self.path = self.__make_path()
self.max_pages = self.__get_max()
self.splits = self.__valid_splits(splits)
def __valid_splits(self, splits):
Checks to see that intervals is equal to the maximum number of pages in the PDF
:param splits: Array of integers
:return: Array of integers if sum of array is equal to number of pages in PDF
if sum(splits) == self.max_pages:
return splits
raise Exception
def __make_path(self):
Gets directory path of original PDF
return os.path.dirname(self.original_pdf)
def __get_max(self):
Get's number of pages in original PDF
return self.original_reader.getNumPages()
def split(self):
Splits a PDF by the requested intervals
# For every split option
for index, split in enumerate(splits):
new_file = PyPDF2.PdfFileWriter()
# For every page that adds to
for count in range(int(split)):
page = self.original_reader.getPage(count)
file = open(self.path + '/' + self.out_name +
'-page' + str(index) + '.pdf', 'wb')
print self.out_name + '-page' + \
str(index) + '.pdf' + ' has been made.'
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Get path
path = raw_input("Which PDF would you like to split? (full path)")
# Example /Users/Home/Desktop/sample.pdf
# Get name of output files
name = raw_input('What would you like the output files to start with?')
# Example "activity"
# Get split of pages
# NOTE: Must add up to number of pages in PDF or script will crash.
splits = raw_input('Tell me how to split it up! i.e. (1, 3, 7)')
# Generate list of ints from split
splits = list(splits)
# Convert to list of numbers
numbers = []
for split in splits:
if str(split).isdigit():
splitter = pdfSplitter(path, name, numbers)