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How to get it to work.

NOTE: This is mac only.

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Press CMD+SHIFT+G.
  3. Type ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail.
  4. Open saveByRule.scpt and change theFolder to where you'd like emails to be saved.
  5. Copy and Paste saveByRule.scpt into ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail.
  6. Go to Mail>Preferences>Rules>Add Rule.
  7. Enter some filter for your rule and choose Run Applescript as action to perform. Use saveByRule as option.
  8. Click Ok.

For converting to PDF and HTML.

  1. In the terminal, run sudo pip install mail-parser and brew install Caskroom/cask/wkhtmltopdf.
  2. Open toPDF.sh and alter location to match the directory your saved emails are located. (Keep *.eml)
  3. In the terminal, run bash toPDF.sh.

For Automating conversion to HTML/PDF.

  1. Create new>Folder Action in Automator.
  2. Set folder to watch to folder where emails are saved.
  3. Add run shell script action.
  4. Copy and paste contents of toPDF.sh into textarea of run shell script.
  5. Save.

NOTE: saveByRule.scpt is almost entirely copied from StackOverflow.