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  • A system for prototyping and building TADS 3 projects.

t3sketch is a Python module that comes with a handful of scripts for generating TADS 3 boilerplate that implement Rooms with Doors and Windows. It also features a handy wrapper around the TADS 3 build system which can automatically generate reasonable t3m makefiles. Lastly, it features the ability to generate entire regions of connected floorplans from XML flowcharts created at



If you have pip installed, you can simply:

$ sudo pip install -e git://

Otherwise just find a place to clone it and install 'manually':

$ cd ~/src
$ git clone git://
$ cd t3sketch
$ sudo python install

You're going to need lxml installed on your system:

$ sudo pip install lxml

or (on debian/ubuntu)

$ sudo apt-get install python-lxml

or visit for help


Just to showcase what t3sketch can do, let's go ahead and try out the included example. First, create a new project with t3project <foldername>:

$ cd ~/
$ t3project sketch-test
$ ls sketch-test
maps  src  templates

We'll go over these directories in detail later but for now lets just notice that inside of maps/ there is an XML file living-quarters.xml and corresponding PNG image shown near the top of this readme:

$ ls sketch-test/maps
living-quarters.png  living-quarters.xml

Next, let's just note that in the src/ directory, we have the following contents:

$ ls sketch-test/src
gamelib  main.t

src/gamelib is just some miscellaneous Room, Door and utility classes used by the demo. src/main.t is the source-file containing the GameID, GameMainDef `and me objects required to build the TADS story.

Go ahead and use the t3map -l <src dir> <mapxml> command to turn maps /living-quarters.xml into corresponding TADS 3 source-code with all the Rooms and Doors implemented just as they are specified in the image above:

Note: t3map must be run from inside the project directory.

$ cd sketch-test
$ t3map -l src/ maps/living-quarters.xml
$ ls src/
gamelib  living-quarters  main.t

Notice how there is a new directory for this map we just built. Inside you will see a folder for every room:

$ ls src/living-quarters/
common-quarters  lq1   lq2  lq6  north-eastern-hall  south-western-hall
east-hall        lq10  lq3  lq7  north-western-hall  west-hall
elevator         lq11  lq4  lq8  south-eastern-hall
elevator-foyer   lq12  lq5  lq9  southern-hall

If we inspect some of the source, we can see all the boilerplate is there:

$ cat src/living-quarters/common-quarters/common_quarters.t
#charset "us-ascii"
#include <adv3.h>
#include <en_us.h>

commonQuarters: BaseRoom 'common quarters'

    east = commonQuartersEastHallInsideDoor

    west = commonQuartersWestHallInsideDoor

    south = commonQuartersSouthernHallInsideDoor
+ commonQuartersEastHallInsideDoor: InformativeDoor 'east door' 'east door'
+ commonQuartersWestHallInsideDoor: InformativeDoor 'west door' 'west door'
+ commonQuartersSouthernHallInsideDoor: InformativeDoor 'south door' 'south door'

Finally, to render out the TADS 3 makefile, build it and run the game in a single step use the t3build [-b] [-r] command:

$ t3build -br src/
IFID = '22f8c17d-8282-4c55-8307-9de13ba33c31'
name = 'The Example Game'
byline = 'by Your Name'
htmlByline = 'by <a href="">Your Name</a>'

version = '1'
authorEmail = 'Your Name <>'
desc = 'Test'
htmlDesc = 'Test'

Building makefile `the_example_game.t3m`
Building html makefile `the_example_game_html.t3m`
Running gamefile `bin/the_example_game.t3`

Lq1                                      0/0
Exits: south
[[Intro text here]]
The comfortably sized room has a queen sized bed situated against the center
of the far wall.  A sturdy iron desk juts out from the wall on the right
facing a bathroom on the opposite side.  A large dresser consume all the space
of the remaining nearby wall facing the foot of the bed. The south door is


Feel free to roam around and verify that the game resembles the floorplan image.


A TADS 3 prototyping and build system



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