Basic calculator with graphical interface written in Java.
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This is a basic calculator (with GUI) written in Java. Using the latest version of Sun Java is recommended.

CalculatorD provides accurate calculations from my testing, but I must stress that CalculatorD provided as-is.

Using the Program

If you are not a developer, I encourage you to download CalculatorD.jar and use that. CalculatorD.jar can be found on my website (direct download link).

On most systems (including Windows), you can double-click on this jar file to run the program.

You can run CalculatorD through the command line\terminal with the following command: java -jar Calculator.jar

The program generates a file by the name of CalculatorOptions.cfg in the same directory as CalculatorD.jar. This file stores program options that you can set from within the program.

This project uses Maven, so developers can use it to build the project and run tests.

Files Found Here

  • (this file)
  • LICENSE (legal)
  • pom.xml (Maven build file)
  • src/... (source code)


CalculatorD and associated documentation are distributed under the MIT License (also known as the X11 License). See LICENSE for details.

Questions, Comments

dustinleavins AT

This program was written for my dear mom.