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tipa is a TypeScript package supporting parsing of linguistic input in Unicode, HTML Entity, and Branner (1994) formats. It contains extensive features from Hayes (2009) and Riggle (2012), allowing you to transform sounds reliably.

const tipa = require("tipa")

tipa.get("t") === tipa.devoice(tipa.get("d")) // true

const word = tipa.parse("liŋˈɡwɪ.stɪks")

const nucleus = word[0].nucleus[0].name // high front tense unrounded vowel


For Yarn:

$ yarn add tipa

For NPM:

$ npm install tipa


Name Type Signature Example
parse string => word parse("liŋˈɡwɪ.stɪks")
get string => ipa_symbol get("low back rounded vowel")
tokenize string => ipa_symbol[] tokenize(".ʕán.")
collapse ipa_symbol[] => ipa_segment[] collapse(tokenize("kætz̥"))
syllabify ipa_segment[] => word syllabify(collapse(tokenize("lu.nə")))
devoice phone => phone devoice(get("g"))


Type Meaning
ipa_symbol Base type which includes ipa_diacritic, ipa_suprasegmental, and ipa_letter.
ipa_diacritic Sub-type of ipa_symbol. Used to modify an ipa_letter in some way. Includes tone diacritics (1 - 5), secondary articulation, and length diacritics (long, half long, and extra short).
ipa_suprasegmental Sub-type of ipa_symbol. Used to create syllable boundaries and/or provide syllable-level information such as primary or secondary stress.
ipa_letter Sub-type of ipa_symbol. Can either be a vowel or consonant. Has a feature matrix defined by Hayes (2009).
phone A single, standalone sound. Can be an ipa_letter (e.g. [p]) or an ipa_letter followed by diacritics (e.g. [v̥̄]).
ipa_segment The building block of syllables. Can be a phone or a suprasegmental.
syllable A group of ipa_segments and the building block of words. Has an onset, nucleus, and coda, as well as a list of all constituent segments.
word A group of syllables and the end result of parsing.


To run tests on the library, first clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ cd tipa

Then install the dev dependencies:

$ yarn # for NPM, run: npm install

Now you're ready to run the tests!

$ yarn test # NPM: npm run test