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// ActionPlugin.h
// ControlPlane
// Created by Dustin Rue on 8/10/12.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class Action;
@protocol Action <NSObject>
@property (assign) CFDictionaryRef helperToolResponse;
@property (strong) NSString *type;
@property (strong) NSString *context;
@property (strong) NSString *when;
@property (strong) NSNumber *delay;
@property (strong) NSNumber *enabled;
// To be implemented by descendant classes:
- (NSString *)description; // (use present-tense imperative)
- (BOOL)execute:(NSString **)errorString;
+ (NSString *)helpText;
+ (NSString *)creationHelpText;
+ (NSString *)friendlyName;
+ (NSString *)menuCategory;
// Actions should override these if they need to wait until
// after the screen saver has quit, the screen has been unlocked
// or both.
+ (BOOL) shouldWaitForScreensaverExit;
+ (BOOL) shouldWaitForScreenUnlock;
// Helpers
- (BOOL)executeAppleScript:(NSString *)script; // returns YES on success, NO on failure
- (NSArray *)executeAppleScriptReturningListOfStrings:(NSString *)script;
@protocol ActionWithLimitedOptions <Action>
+ (NSArray *)limitedOptions; // Returns an array of dictionaries (keys: option, description)
- (id)initWithOption:(NSObject *)option;
@protocol ActionWithFileParameter <Action>
- (id)initWithFile:(NSString *)file;
// An action whose creation UI should just prompt for a string (NSTextField)
@protocol ActionWithString <Action>
* A Toggleable action
@protocol ToggleableAction <Action,ActionWithLimitedOptions>
@property (assign) BOOL turnOn;
- (id)initWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dict;
- (void)dealloc;
- (NSMutableDictionary *)dictionary;
+ (NSArray *)limitedOptions;
- (id)initWithOption:(NSNumber *)option;
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