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// CPController.h
// ControlPlane
// Created by David Symonds on 1/02/07.
#import "ContextsDataSource.h"
#import "EvidenceSource.h"
#import "BWQuincyManager.h"
@interface CPController : NSObject <BWQuincyManagerDelegate> {
IBOutlet NSMenu *sbMenu;
NSStatusItem *sbItem;
NSImage *sbImageActive, *sbImageInactive;
NSTimer *sbHideTimer;
NSString *currentContextUUID, *currentContextName;
NSString *guessConfidence;
BOOL guessIsConfident;
NSInteger smoothCounter;
IBOutlet NSMenuItem *forceContextMenuItem;
BOOL forcedContextIsSticky;
NSMenuItem *stickForcedContextMenuItem;
NSTimer *updatingTimer;
NSThread *updatingThread;
NSLock *updatingSwitchingLock;
NSLock *menuBarLocker;
NSConditionLock *updatingLock;
BOOL timeToDie;
IBOutlet ContextsDataSource *contextsDataSource;
IBOutlet EvidenceSourceSetController *evidenceSources;
IBOutlet NSArrayController *rulesController;
IBOutlet NSArrayController *actionsController;
IBOutlet NSWindow *prefsWindow;
BOOL screenSaverRunning;
BOOL screenLocked;
BOOL goingToSleep;
// used to maintain a queue of actions that need
// to be performed after the screen saver quits AND/OR
// the screen is unlocked
NSMutableArray *screensaverActionArrivalQueue;
NSMutableArray *screensaverActionDepartureQueue;
NSMutableArray *screenLockActionArrivalQueue;
NSMutableArray *screenLockActionDepartureQueue;
@property (readwrite) BOOL screenSaverRunning;
@property (readwrite) BOOL screenLocked;
@property (readwrite) BOOL goingToSleep;
@property (strong) NSArray *activeContexts;
- (NSString *) currentContextName;
- (ContextsDataSource *) contextsDataSource;
- (BOOL) stickyContext;
- (void) forceSwitch: (id) sender;
- (void) toggleSticky: (id) sender;
- (void) doUpdateForReal;
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