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DefaultPrinter Action does not work on 10.9 (Build 13A524d) #281

cschildhorn opened this Issue · 7 comments

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banners and alerts 2013-07-25 20-27-00

1.4 RC can't change default printer on 10.9 beta.


Chris, -- may I ask you to elaborate on that a little bit more, please?

1) Did you use CP prior to that, on 10.8, as well? Was that RC1 or one of earlier betas of 1.4 and it did not show the problem on 10.8? Or was that version 1.3.x of CP on 10.8 (and it did not show the problem)?
2) Is you printer connected directly to your Mac, e.g. with USB? or is it a network printer (over Ethernet or Wi-Fi)?
3) If it is a network printer, then how do you connect to that network on your Mac? using Ethernet cable? or over the Wi-Fi interface (or both)?
4) In addition to the previous question: Is the related context, which triggers the Default Printer action, switched to based on Wi-Fi network rule (SSID or BSSID)? Or does that include any IP-address-based rules? Or no network-related rules at all?
5) Does the action to set default printer have no delay? If you set it with a delay (e.g. 10, 20, or 30 secs) does that change the behavior?



Thanks, Chris. I've a guess, but cannot test that scenario with default printer on my config at the moment. If I give you a custom build, would be able to test it on your system? (I'd need you e-mail address for that, if you don't mind.)


Hi Chris,

Following your previous positive reply (sent privately) on the results with the custom build that I gave you, could you confirm if things are good on your side? The default printer gets set as expected every time?


Sorry for the late answer. Switching works if I edit the rule for the printer after adding the printer.

After adding it the rule looks like this

controlplane - actions 2013-08-21 00-47-54

I have to change the parameter to the device name you can find in the printers prefpane in the General pane of the printer.

controlplane - actions 2013-08-21 00-47-24

I think this worked in 10.8 without editing the parameters.

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