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Hey CP folks,

first of all, CP is some great work. I started with the 1.4.0 beta and one update happened since this. In both versions, sometimes CP stops switching contexts for no obvious reasons.

I have three contexts, Home, Home/TV and Work. Basically all I try to achieve is to disable screen saver, lock screen and energy saver when my MBP is attached to the television. If the lock screen kicks in, I cannot use the iTunes Remote to play TV Shows and stuff.

It happens to me more or less randomly, at work and at home, but for now always when switching to work or Home/TV context (where the external monitor rules apply). For now, switching back from work to home or switching from Home/TV to home never failed for me. So some of the rules are related to external monitors or television screens, and that's why i think this may be related to attaching the monitors.

It also happened to me twice after waking up from standby, so this may also be a cause.

Restarting CP solves the problem temporarily. In my case, the problem seems to kill most of the evidence sources. As a consequence, the confidence is not high enough to switch context. In the "Rules" tab, most of the Rules are marked with a question mark. If I try to add a new rule, the context menu is almost empty. It displays only the location rules, but there should be more rules available. After restarting CP, everything is normal again.


There is a huge gap in the log in the end, but the MBP wasn't sleeping at this time. It was only sleeping for a few minutes when I attached the TV at around 22:30.

There are not much actions involved when connecting to the TV, just disallow display sleep, disable the screen saver password and launching iTunes.

Hope you can help me.


Thank you for your report. We are looking at that issue now -- there were a few other similar reports recently. The issue does seem to be related to the wake-up phase. But it is also dependent on some more specific conditions -- I tried many times with different configurations and could not dupe it on my MBP yet (alas). One of the CP users who sees that issue on his system now helps us by running custom builds with some extra updates and diagnostics included, so that we, developers, can narrow down step by step. If you'd like to help us finding and fixing the actual issue quicker -- and if you have time and will to install and run custom (developer's) builds that I can send you -- let me know. (I'd need your e-mail address for that.)


I'd like to run the custom build and fetch some logs from the Console Application.
Please send me the download location to


Same problem here, let me know if/how I can help.


I think I am experiencing the same problem on 1.4.0. Let me know how to help... happy to run a custom build and send longs. You can send the download link to 9200d48e@opayq.com

When my machine wakes from sleep, it remains in the "Sleep" context. "Sleep" rule is checked, all others have '?" next to them (except Wake... Wake has no icon next to it). I tried adding the "Wake" rule to see if that would get it to switch contexts, but no go. Only way to unstick CP is to Force a context change or quit and relaunch the app.


Fixes addressing that issue are in the master branch for some time and will be a part of the next RC. Please, wait when Dustin releases it (I hope it won't take too long).


I promised a new build for @VladimirTechMan last week and didn't deliver but it is now ready. You'll find it by checking for updates using ControlPlane's main menu or by downloading it again from http://www.controlplaneapp.com/download/1.4.0

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