get current context only returns leaf node #293

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In the WIKI there is this code to get the current context via apple script:

tell application "ControlPlane"
    get current context
end tell

The issue is that my ControlPlane setup looks like:


So "VPN" is pretty much a given, but if I get back "Wired", I have no idea if it is "Home/Wired" or "Home/Wireless". Is there a way to get the full context not just the leaf node?


VladimirTechMan commented Sep 26, 2013

Thanks for the report, Andrew. Yes, you're right, that is a regression with 1.4.0. I've just pushed the fix for it to the master branch. And the next public release of CP will have it on board. Meantime, I can send you a custom build that fixes this issue if you want so. For that I will need your e-mail. Let me know.


It is not killing me, I can work around the issue until the next version is released. Thank you

FYI, I'm using the git source code (1.4.1) and this is working fine so far

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