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ezhario commented Feb 17, 2014

Hello, many thanks for your wonderful program.

Can you please add more option to DesktopBackground:

  • select folder with pictures to use as backgroind image;
  • select random image change after n minutes.

Actually, i need the same functionality like a system Desktop & Screen Saver utility.
screen shot 2014-02-17 at 6 57 48 pm
Thank you for your attention.

Riku7 commented Mar 2, 2014

The first thing I did with ControlPlane was to set automatically changing desktop images. I created folders based on each contextual mood and put a little collection of fit wallpaper images to each folder.

Then I made this applescript:
------------start of script----
tell application "Finder"
set desktop picture to some file of folder {"Volume:Folder:Wallpapers:Folder"}
end tell
------------end of script----

Just change the path in the script to match the folder where your images are. Remember that in this format, things don't work like "Macintosh HD/Documents/Folders" but "Macintosh HD:Documents:Folders" instead.

Then, I assigned ControlPlane to open file (the script file), on arrival to a context.
Easy, and it works! Now every time I enter any new context, it picks a random wallpaper from a context-specific wallpaper folder.

I don't know how to assign automatic picture change every given number of minutes, but I'm very sure that there are plenty of answers for that online and it's possible to include that command in the script itself!

nesl247 commented Oct 23, 2014

Would really love to have better background support as well.

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