Socially authenticated List app, built on the MEAN stack
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Socially authenticated List app, built on the MEAN stack

This app was started as an excercise in learning the MEAN stack - Mongo, Express, Angular and Node. Most example applications dealt with only a single function or controller, so here is an example bringing together multiple components into a useable product.


The target features of MeanListApp are:

  1. User authentication via
    • Local accounts with username and password
      With client-side password encryption and no clear-text password storage.
    • A password reset function will also be required, potentially using emails with a single use reset token (planned)
    • Twitter authentication (planned)
    • Facebook authentication (planned)
    • Optionally combining multiple authentication methods for a single account (planned)
  2. Separation of front-end application code and back-end code
    • Front-end Web application should be completely separate from back-end
    • Front-end communicates through API calls
  3. Custom List creation and management
    • A list will have an owner, a name a collection of items and a privacy level. Each item will have a name, description and complete status. Other metadata, such as created and modified dates will also be stored.
    • On-boarding process to create a first list and first item.
    • List can be renamed
    • Lists will have permanent URL, perhaps using Mongo's _id, otherwise generating a separate unique identifier
  4. List can be public, read-only or private?
    • Public
      List can be viewed and items can be edited by anyone
    • Shared
      List can be viewed and items can be completed by anyone
    • Published
      List can be viewed by anyone
    • Private
      List can only be accessed by the owner


Through this program, the tools I am using and learning are:

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • Jade Templates
  • Mongo
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git
  • GitHub