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This is an attempt to document adding the functionality to Fedora's GRUB to respect the default subvolume that is set on a btrfs FS when looking for grub.cfg and grub modules. The use case I am interested in for this is to have a single filesystem (the root filesystem /) that includes /boot/ and can be snapshotted. If /boot is included in the snapshot then it is guaranteed to have the right information at the time the snapshot was created. If grub's core.img respects default subvolumes then all you need to do to rollback to a previous snapshot is to set the default subvolume to that snapshot and reboot. No other work required.

NOTE:: This functionailty used to the default in grub but was removed in:

  • 82591fa - Make / in btrfs refer to real root, not the default volume.


To get this functionality back I will pull a few patches from SUSE's grub:

  • grub2-btrfs-01-add-ability-to-boot-from-subvolumes.patch
  • grub2-btrfs-02-export-subvolume-envvars.patch
  • grub2-btrfs-03-follow_default.patch
  • grub2-btrfs-04-grub2-install.patch
  • grub2-btrfs-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch

The patches were taken from the following SUSE srpm that was retrieved from the following URL and placed in this repo:

The Fedora 25 srpm was retrieved from the following URL and placed in this repo:


Run the following commands from the root of the git repo to download software needed and to build the rpm on Fedora 25:

NOTE: Do NOT run the rpmbuild where your rpmbuild dir is network attached over sshfs. For some reason the patches weren't applying cleanly when I was doing that.

dnf install gcc make rpm-build
dnf builddep grub2
rpmbuild -D "_topdir $(readlink -f ./)/rpmbuild" -ba ./rpmbuild/SPECS/grub2.spec