Example programs that use the libibapi library.
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This is a set of example programs for libibapi, the Inkbunny Public API access
library, written in C.

This set of programs mainly serves an educational purpose, to show how programs
that use the library might be written, but the programs can be useful.

Windows binaries are available in the following dropbox directory (w32pack):

Currently, this package includes the following programs:


      This program allows the user to log into Inkbunny and retrieve a session
      ID, which can be used with the other programs as an identification token.

      If the user logs in as the user `guest', the program allows the to
      change their allowed ratings. Note that many users decide to block
      guests from seeing many of their submissions, so simply enabling all
      ratings on a guest login will not give you access to all publically
      available submissions.

      Once the user is done with the session, they can hit the Enter key to
      close the session (log out) and close the program.


      This program allows the user to download files associated with
      submissions inside of a user's gallery.

      The user is able to pick the size categories of the files, whether they
      also want to download thumbnails, whether they want to download files
      from the user's scraps gallery as well (or perhaps exclusively), and it
      also allows them to make the submission IDs a part of the file names, or
      to not make the file IDs or username a part of the file names.

      This program is ideal for backing up galleries, for example when an
      artist is about to leave the site.


      This program allows the user to create, modify and delete submissions in
      their gallery.

      The program is fully interactive, and features built-in help for every
      available command. It allows the user to upload files, delete files,
      reorder files, modify various properties of submissions including the
      title, keywords, submission type, description, writing, rating, and


    For generic installation instructions, see the INSTALL file.

    In case you've gotten this set of programs from a git repo, in order to
    generate the missing build system files, run:  autoreconf -vfi

    In case you'd like to include a custom certificate bundle with this package,
    place it into the top of the source directory as ca-bundle.crt, and add
    the --with-local-ca-bundle option to ./configure.


    Required for compiling:
        pkg-config >= 0.9.0
        glib       >= 2.32.4
        libibapi   >= 0.2.0

    At least one of the following libraries is required to be present:
        libsoup    >= 2.38.1
        libcurl    >= 7.26.0

    Required for bootstrapping from git:
        autoconf   >= 2.69
        automake   >= 1.11.6
        libtool    >= 2.4.2

    Required for "make dist" from a git tree: