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This is libibapi, the Inkbunny Public API access library, written in C.

The motivation behind this library was to enable comfortable development of
programs that work with the Inkbunny Public API, without needing to manually
compose HTTP queries or to manually parse the response in JSON or XML format.

With this library, the programmer gets to use regular C functions and regular C
structures to communicate with Inkbunny's server.

The main dependency of this library is glib, which provides convenient error
handling using the GError structure, portability wrappers, convenient
implementations of structures like linked lists, and other useful features.

json-glib is also a dependency, it is used for response parsing.

And since we access inkbunny via the internet, a networking library is also
required. Currently, libcurl and libsoup are both supported, and it is
relatively straight-forward to add support for new networking libraries in
case there is interest in using them as the networking backend of this library.

This library attempts to be a 1:1 mapping of the Inkbunny Public API into
glib-enabled C. Therefore, it should be sufficient to look at the public header
files in src/ibapi/ in conjunction with the official article describing the
API ( to write programs with it.

In the structures returned by the library, there should never be a string
field that is NULL. Empty strings, which include fields that were not present
in Inkbunny's response, are represented by an empty string, that is, a pointer
to a single '\0' byte. If you find otherwise with a field, it is a bug.

There is also a set of example programs written for this library to show how
the library might be used:


    For generic installation instructions, see the INSTALL file.

    In case you've gotten this library from a git repo, in order to generate
    the missing build system files, run:  autoreconf -vfi


    Required for compiling:
        pkg-config >= 0.9.0
        glib       >= 2.32.4
        json-glib  >= 0.14.2

    At least one of the following libraries is required to be present:
        libsoup    >= 2.38.1
        libcurl    >= 7.26.0

    Required for bootstrapping from git:
        autoconf   >= 2.69
        automake   >= 1.11.6
        libtool    >= 2.4.2

    Required for "make dist" from a git tree: