Data exploration and visualisation for Elasticsearch.
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Marija is a data exploration and visualisation tool for (un)structured Elasticsearch data. Using Marija you'll be able to see relations between data of different datasources without any modifications to your data or index.

Currently Marija is being used to identify related spamruns, but can be used for all kind of different data sets.

Enron Demo



Using Docker

$ docker pull marija/marija
$ vim config-docker.toml # update elasticsearch configuration
$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v (pwd)/config-docker.toml:/config/config.toml --name marija marija/marija

Installation from source

Install Golang

If you do not have a working Golang environment setup please follow Golang Installation Guide.

Install Marija

Installation of Marija is easy.

$ go get
$ marija

Installation using Homebrew (macOS)

$ brew tap dutchcoders/homebrew-marija
$ brew install marija



output = "stdout"
level = "debug"


  • work on multiple servers and indexes at the same time
  • different fields can be used as node identifier
  • identifiers can be normalized through normalization regular expressions
  • each field will have its own icon
  • query indexes using elasticsearch queries like your used to do
  • histogram view to identify nodes in time
  • select and delete nodes
  • select related nodes, deselect all but selected nodes
  • zoom and move nodes
  • navigate through selected data using the tableview

Contribute to Marija

Please follow Marija Contributor's Guide

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2016-2017 Remco Verhoef.

Code released under the Apache license.