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###Contact Info: #####King Kong: Phone: 408-644-0444 #####Oindril Dutta: Phone: 408-658-8961

Pill bottle

    //Use Cases - Together
    //Problems it solves - Together
How it will work
    Flow Diagram - Nate - Together
    Visual Design - Nate
    Technical Design - Nate
Programming of Bottle (Tessel)
    //MAKE DATA MODEL - Oindril
    Translate Flow Diagram to Tessel Flow - Nate/Oindril
    Code up module by module - Oindril
    Put everything together - Oindril - Nate
    Practice Demo Presentation - Together

Cloud End

//MAKE DATA MODEL - Oindril - Together
Connect Tessel to AerCloud - Aatif
Send data to Cloud when available - Aatif
    Website First - Business End - Aatif
    Android App - Consumer End - Oindril/Nate
    Android App - Business End - Bleh



Life Cycle

Business Pharma has a bunch of these bottles They get an Prescripion Order from doctor Program the bottle with prescription - Locally - Really Secure Only people who can change - Pharma - BLE used? Everythings gets set up so that Doctor and Consumer can see Everything Count of Pills

Consumer Bottle BLE Send Notifications Cloud Sends Notifications if BLE not available Data Prescription Local Log of Button Presses Tessel Sends the log to database App/Website Views Prescription, Doctor, Patient, Logs Consumer App helps you set Notifications Doctors gives sharing code to other doctors/family on family's & patient's request

Data Model

Prescription Object Name of the Pill Number of Pills Functionality of the Pill Side Effects Doctor Info/Hospital Info/Pharma Info - Emergency Stuff

Number of Times to take the Pill in a Day (User Controlled) | Time interval (Pharma Controlled)
Num of Pills per interval
Lock Pills

Log - Button Press - ButtonPress Object Timestamp Pill Came out or Not

Use Cases - Together


Aeris will be needed to integrated into the workflow of the Pharmaceuticals/Doctors Future IoT projects will be preferred with Aeris