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  • Requires JQuery 1.7.2+
  • Supports CSS styling, including (user-specific) name, message, dates, images
  • Replicates C-Box appearance by default
  • Does not use iframes
  • Implements channel-based filtering
  • Uses font-awesome for refresh icon and volume icons, because why not load an entire font library for four icons, am I right? If you feel so inclined, the references to Font Awesome are on lines (of the HTML file): 288, 318, 325, 326, 329, 330, 333, 334, 375, 377


  • Copy and paste to webpage maker - use include keys.
  • Make sure to install Font Awesome, or replace their references
  • Fill src attribute of audio#notify element
  • Configure settings
  • Warning: Script contains HTML entities that may parse and break functionality if the webpage that the script is hosted on is edited

If you're using the setting to enable usage of the default forum avatar: Create an element on the page containing the JC Ink < !-- |avatar| --> variable. You may set this to display:none; Point the script variable default_avatar_location to this element using standard selector string notation (ie: '.defaultavatar img')

Settings list

  • use_custom_structure = Must be enabled to utilize (most of) the following settings
  • timestamp_is_enabled = Enable or disable message timestamping. Default option: relative time (ie: "7 minutes ago")
  • use_absolute_time = If enabled, use absolute time (ie: "7:59PM 8/11/2017")
  • use_custom_nickname = If enabled, use a user-filled nickname for the message. Will user forum name if field is un-filled
  • use_forum_presuffix = If enabled, pull the username from the shoutbox history with full prefix/suffix HTML
  • enable_avatar_image = Defaults to logged-in user's avatar
  • use_custom_avatar = If enabled, use a user-filled avatar for the message
  • enable_channels = True/false. Append channels to #sbr1-0
  • use_html = Enable parsing of HTML in messages - utilizes html_whitelist - defaults to JC Ink's BB code
  • html_whitelist = Whitelisted HTML element types, in array format ['b', 'i', 'a', 'img', 'div', 'span'],
  • default_avatar_location = Selector string for default avatar. Only required if enable_avatar_image is true, and use_custom_avatar is false. selector eg: '.avatar-box img'
  • cs = Custom structure markup. Requires .sbr_url, .sbr_time, .sbr_nn, .sbr_body elements
  • sb_timer = Refresh time, in milliseconds.
  • sb_decay_factor = How much time to add to sb_timer after every empty_refresh, in milliseconds. Set to 0 to disable
  • sb_reset_decay = Number of empty_refresh required to reset sb_timer to default. Prevents infinite polling time
  • refresh_count = Incrementing variable, do not adjust
  • empty_refresh = Incrementing variable, do not adjust