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Simple helper that reads attributes assigned to ruby class methods, similar like python function decorators.
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Simple helper that reads attributes assigned to ruby methods, similar to python function decorators.

If you have file called root_controller.rb

class RootController < ApplicationController

  #= foo: bar
  #= get
  def index
    render template: '/root'

if you execute

p RootController.aspects 

You wil get this hash


Example 1: Rails rotues

This can be useful if you for example want to have defined routes inside a rails controller, similar like in sinatra.rb

in routes.rb you can define something like this

#= get def index ...

#= post def action ...

App::Application.routes.draw do

    aspect_routes UsersController


in module app/lib/aspected_routes.db add meanning to aspect_routes method (view source for complete code)

class ActionDispatch::Routing::Mapper

  def aspect_routes(controller)
    for key, val in "#{controller.to_s.classify.pluralize}Controller".constantize.aspects
      if val[:get] && key == 'show'
        get "#{controller}/:id" => "#{controller}#show"
          elsif val[:post]

Example 2: Wrapper roules for methods

class UsersApi < DefaultApi

  #= max: 50ms
  #= local
  def index
   render template: '/root'

Can be parsed to

  • log all requests that take longer than 50ms to finish
  • allow only local requests to api call


Dino Reic / @dux / 2014

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