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Helper for printing headers
- header.title = Sets current page title
- header.title_separator = Page title separator, defaults to ' / '
- header.charset = Sets page charset, defaults to 'utf-8'
Examples say it all
= header.add
- Adds javascript or stylesheet to header. If it finds .css uses stylesheet_link_tag else javascript_include_tag.
- header.add 'admin.css', '', 'wymeditor/jquery.wymeditor.min.js'
= header.js
- Adds javascript
= header.css
- Adds stylesheet
= header.add :jquery
- Adds latest jquery from google cdn
= header.description
- adds description to page, trims if size is larger then 156 characters beacause that is google limit
- header.description 'Just mind to put less then 157 characters'
- if you need more than 156 chars use header.meta
= header.icon(location='/favicon.ico', size=nil)
- defaults to '/favicon.ico'
- size defines larger icons, for example google applications
= header.meta(name, content)
- adds generic meta content
=, content)
- adds generic meta content
- facebook uses that
= header.rss(link, title='RSS feed')
- adds RSS feed
= header.print(page_title)
Prints page header, should be in head section
Full HAML example
:ruby code should be of course be in controller
<!DOCTYPE html>
header.add 'site.css', 'local.js'
header.description 'My beautiful site'
header.icon '/images/icon-32.png', 32
header.title 'Homepage'
= header.print 'My site'
Future improvements
- yield block prints script in the footer
- js and css methods that print javascript in the footer and css in the header
- js method is jQuery or prototype "aware" and wraps code accordingly
- facebook helpers for facebook pages and icons
Copyright (c) 2011 [Dino Reic (dux)], released under the MIT license
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