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fast and stable ruby image resizer


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Sinatra/ImageMagic image resizer

Fast and stable image resizer, written in Ruby

Delivers webp images to browsers that support the format.

To use on a client

require "rack_image_resizer"

RackImageResizer.config do |c
  c.secret = "foobarbaz"
  c.server = ""

# s: '^200x100'

@image.url.resized("200")      # resize image width to 200px
@image.url.resized("x200")     # resize image height to 200px
@image.url.resized("200x200")  # resize image to fix 200x200 box
@image.url.resized("^200x200") # resize crop image width to 200x200
@image.url.resized("^200")     # resize crop image width to 200x200
@image.url.resized("u^100")    # resize crop image width to 100x100 and apply unsharp mask

# or
@image.url.resized + '?s=x200' # dinamicly assign resize attributes

To add and watermark

Define image:gravity:opacity-percent.

Image: PNG in public folder of image resize server. Example ./public/watermark1.png. Gravity: None, Center, East, Forget, NorthEast, North, NorthWest, SouthEast (default), South, SouthWest, West Opacity-percent: 30 - default.

Following code will apply watermark to lower right corner of the image, width 400px.

@image.url.resized(s: 400, w: "watermark1:SouthEast:30")

To force refresh image

You need to append reload parameter with first 5 chars of RESIZER_SECRET.

'?reload=%s' % ENV.fetch('RESIZER_SECRET')[0,5]

To install on a server

Clone and bundle

git clone
cd image_resizer
bundle install

add to .env

RESIZER_CACHE_CLEAR=2d  # clear unacceded images every 2 days

if you want to enable image upload, define this ENV variables


install command line apps

rake install
# sudo apt install -y imagemagick pngquant jpegoptim webp

Run via puma or passanger, it is a rack app.

Image or file upload upload

RackImageResizer.upload_path is_image: true, max_width: 1000

All the tasks


rake cc          # Clear cache
rake console     # Get console
rake dev         # Run development server
rake install     # Install dependecies
rake production  # Run production server
rake rspec       # Rspec test
rake test        # Install dependecies

Run in development

rake dev


puma -p 4000

URL doc


  • [i]mage = source image
  • [s]ize = width x height
  • [q]uality = quality (10 - 100)
  • [w]atermark = image:gravity:opacity-percent
  • on[e]error = image to show in case of error ("blank" to hide errors)


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