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Rails cache helper. Binds to models, invalidates on object update and helps vith etag cacheing

Models would idealy have updated_at field. If they have it, update invalidates cache, automaticly.

If there is no updated_at fields invalidate with calling @object.xcache


Examples say it all

Full HAML example, view

- xcache @product do

- xcache @product :list_item do

In controller for cache invalidation

@product.xcache # clears cache for object

In controller for fresh_when helper

return if xcache @product, @user, @foo, ....

Send list of objects. plugin finds last updated time, checks browser cache time and serves from browser cache unless modfied

How many functions I have to remember? Just 1, there is one function "xcache" to dominate all usage

  • in template replaces cache tag
  • as model instance method, clears model cache
  • as controller method helps with rails fresh_when method

Copyright (c) 2011 [Dino Reic (dux)], released under the MIT license

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