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vDDoS Layer4 Mapping

vDDoS Layer4 Mapping is a addon support for vDDoS Proxy Protection - Monitor processor logs and block it in Layer 3-4. This tool is product for those people ask me to add "BLOCK & CAPTCHA" on Layer 3-4 (Support Iptables CSF & CloudFlare API) for vDDoS Proxy Protection.

1/ Install vDDoS Proxy Protection:

To install vDDoS Proxy Protection please visit this site:

2/ Install vDDoS Layer4 Mapping:

curl -L -o /usr/bin/vddos-layer4
chmod 700 /usr/bin/vddos-layer4

Using vDDoS Layer4 Mapping:

   Welcome to vDDoS, a HTTP(S) DDoS Protection Reverse Proxy. Thank you for using!

        Please choose vDDoS Layer 4 Running Mode:

         CloudFlare Mode:
          1. Enable Captcha-All-Country Mode (Recommend This Mode For Large DDoS Attacks)
          2. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Captcha Mode
          3. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Block Mode
          4. Remove all rules exist on CloudFlare Firewall

         CSF Mode:
          5. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Block Mode
          6. Remove all rules exist on CSF

         End & Exit:
          7. End All Process (Kill all Process Mode Running)
          8. Exit

Enter Your Answer [1, 2, 3... or 8]:

If you use CloudFlare:

Register account on > Add Your Website > Overview > View Zone ID

Email > My Setting > API Key > Global API Key > View API Key

If you use CSF:


Install CSF:

cd /usr/src/
wget ''
tar -xvf csf.tgz
cd csf
chkconfig --levels 235 csf on
chkconfig --levels 235 lfd on

Config CSF:

cd /etc/csf/
sed -i 's/TESTING = "1"/TESTING = "0"/g' /etc/csf/csf.conf

Restart CSF:

csf -r && csf -q && service lfd restart

3/ CloudFlare API Control Command:

Change Security Level:

vddos-layer4 Security-Level-CloudFlare    [email] [api] [zoneid] [essentially_off|low|medium|high|under_attack] 

Captcha All Country:

vddos-layer4 Captcha-All-Country-CloudFlare   [email] [api] [zoneid]


vddos-layer4 Remove-All-Rules-CloudFlare      [email] [api] [zoneid]


/usr/bin/vddos-layer4 Security-Level-CloudFlare f3aa24e0debfe5157629856afa4671bb 6dc6afc194bf744cd0f8c45bf3303afc under_attack

/usr/bin/vddos-layer4 Captcha-All-Country-CloudFlare f3aa24e0debfe5157629856afa4671bb 6dc6afc194bf744cd0f8c45bf3303afc

/usr/bin/vddos-layer4 Remove-All-Rules-CloudFlare f3aa24e0debfe5157629856afa4671bb 6dc6afc194bf744cd0f8c45bf3303afc

4/ More Config:


Still in beta, use at your own risk! It is provided without any warranty!
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