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# import the necessary packages
from keras.applications import ResNet50
from keras.applications import imagenet_utils
import numpy as np
import settings
import helpers
import redis
import time
import json
# connect to Redis server
db = redis.StrictRedis(host=settings.REDIS_HOST,
port=settings.REDIS_PORT, db=settings.REDIS_DB)
def classify_process():
# load the pre-trained Keras model (here we are using a model
# pre-trained on ImageNet and provided by Keras, but you can
# substitute in your own networks just as easily)
print("* Loading model...")
model = ResNet50(weights="imagenet")
print("* Model loaded")
# continually pool for new images to classify
while True:
# attempt to grab a batch of images from the database, then
# initialize the image IDs and batch of images themselves
queue = db.lrange(settings.IMAGE_QUEUE, 0,
settings.BATCH_SIZE - 1)
imageIDs = []
batch = None
# loop over the queue
for q in queue:
# deserialize the object and obtain the input image
q = json.loads(q.decode("utf-8"))
image = helpers.base64_decode_image(q["image"],
(1, settings.IMAGE_HEIGHT, settings.IMAGE_WIDTH,
# check to see if the batch list is None
if batch is None:
batch = image
# otherwise, stack the data
batch = np.vstack([batch, image])
# update the list of image IDs
# check to see if we need to process the batch
if len(imageIDs) > 0:
# classify the batch
print("* Batch size: {}".format(batch.shape))
preds = model.predict(batch)
results = imagenet_utils.decode_predictions(preds)
# loop over the image IDs and their corresponding set of
# results from our model
for (imageID, resultSet) in zip(imageIDs, results):
# initialize the list of output predictions
output = []
# loop over the results and add them to the list of
# output predictions
for (imagenetID, label, prob) in resultSet:
r = {"label": label, "probability": float(prob)}
# store the output predictions in the database, using
# the image ID as the key so we can fetch the results
db.set(imageID, json.dumps(output))
# remove the set of images from our queue
db.ltrim(settings.IMAGE_QUEUE, len(imageIDs), -1)
# sleep for a small amount
# if this is the main thread of execution start the model server
# process
if __name__ == "__main__":