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ScreenToLayers for macOS

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ScreenToLayers is a macOS application to easily capture your screen as a layered PSD file. This idea is not mine and comes from a great application named ScreenShot PSD. However the app is not optimized for El capitan and doesn't support retina screen. That is why I made my own open source alternative.

The actual version is very simple and only meets my own requirements. However, I look forward about new features and contribution from the community (programmers and designers).

The application uses some not very well-known APIs. If you want to register your application at startup or if you need to create a persistent file access due to the sandboxing of the AppStore, some code portions will help you to understand how to.


The simplest way to get the latest release of ScreenToLayers is to download the application through the Mac AppStore. The application is totally free and it is updated when major changes are made.


The application was compiled and tested with Xcode 7 on Mac Sierra. The project requires macOS 10.10 and used ARC and Cocoa.

To compile, you only have to open ScreenToLayers.xcodeproj and run.


If you have ideas or if you found bugs, I encourage you to open a pull-issue.

If you are a developer and/or a designer, you can also contribute to the project by submitting pull-requests on the dev branch. The application was written in Objective-C to simplify the use of the low level API. I don't want to mix Objective-C and Swift for small project like this one. Please try to follow this rule and keep the actual guide style.


My name is Jeremy Vizzini and you can read more about me on


  • Application website : here
  • Mac AppStore page : here
  • Apple sample demonstrating the CGWindow API : Sample.


ScreenToLayers is released under a MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.