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A Windows batch Version Control Script
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Bak.Bat - Backup your project

A script for creating and doubling of backup copies of a project.

This was my version control script before I started using SVN, to create backup copies of my projects on daily basis and also to automatically copy project files to and from my memory stick, while moving from university to work and from work to home (Dropbox didn't exist back then :-)

I keep this script for historical reasons - it did a good job for me.

There are plenty of other tools like Git, Sync, Dropbox etc to help you track and backup project files.


In a default setup you would have a folder named Bak_Projects on your memory stick (eg. F:\Bak_Projects\) and a folder with the same name on your HDD (eg. D:\Bak_Projects\).

Copy Bak.Bat under \Bak_Projects\ on each disk. Copy Bak.Bat to each project's folder under \Bak_Projects\.

Run Bak.Bat in project's folder to see the list of actions.

For Double command to work properly you have to create .\Bak\bak_lng.bat file for each project with the contents

set bak_lng=%bak_lng%\<ProjectName>

where <ProjectName> is the folder name of the current project.

You can overwrite detaults defined in Bak.Bat by creating corresponding .bat file in .\Bak folder of each project. Overwritable variables are: %bak_ext%, %bak_upx, %bak_dir, %bak_dsk, %bak_dbl_dir, %bak_dbl, %bak_net, %bak_clean%.

Sample .\Bak\bak_ext.bat file:

REM Add bpl and dcu file extension to the default list of backup extensions.
set bak_ext=%bak_ext%, bpl, dcu

Command line

  • Bak.Bat Display list of actions (with choice)

  • Bak.Bat /dbl Double prject to other disks

  • Bak.Bat /bak Backup project files to .\Bak\<date & time>

  • Bak.Bat /pak Backup and pack project files to .\Bak\<date & time>.rar (requires RAR.exe to be in %PATH%)

  • Bak.Bat /upx Pack .exe files of the project

  • Bak.Bat /meup Update Bak.Bat in all subfolders of curent folder.

Example of usage

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