Takes iCal files (.ics) and adds the events to your Google Calendar.
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Takes a .ics file and adds the events to the Google Calendar. Excellent to tie
to .ics files for easy-clicking in browsers on .ics links.

You need ruby 1.8, the "googlecalendar" gem, and the ruby-gnome2 devkit. In
Ubuntu you can do:

$ sudo gem install googlecalendar
$ sudo apt-get install ruby-gnome2


There's only one file, ical2gcal.rb. Set the USERNAME, and PASSWORD to the
correct values. Optionally you can select one of your calendars and set
DEFAULT_CAL to it's title. This calendar will then be selected by default,
but you'll always be asked to confirm the addition for safety reasons.


Execute ical2gcal.rb with a .ics file as a paramater:

$ ./ical2gcal.rb event.ics

A window will appear asking you to select the calendar you wish to add this 
event or these events to and to confirm the addition.

Best results are obtained when you configure your browser to open .ics files
with ical2gcal. You can then click on .ics links to add them to Google Calendar
directly, without having to save and manually import them.


iCal2GCal is Copyright (C) 2009 David Verhasselt (david@crowdway.com) and 
licensed under the MIT License (see file LICENSE).