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muscleman committed Dec 3, 2019
1 parent a60c190 commit 7a97ddd50a029ebc4074d6072cba34f99279a031
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@@ -237,12 +237,12 @@ Explanation for each field:
"childPools":[ {"poolAddress":"your wallet",
"intAddressPrefix": null,
"coin": "MCN",
"coin": "MCN", //must match COIN name in the child pools config.json
"childDaemon": {
"host": "",
"port": 26081
"pattern": "Vdu",
"pattern": "^Vdu", //regex to identify which childcoin the miner specified in password. eg) Vdu is first 3 chars of a MCN wallet address.
"blockchainExplorer": "{id}#blockchain_block",
"transactionExporer": "{id}#blockchain_transaction",
"api": "",

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