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Cryptonote Coins

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List of cryptonote (Cryptonight) coins with their current Cryptonight algorithm and variant.

Coin Name Coin Unit Algorithm Variant
Aeon AEON Cryptonight Light 1 (Aeon v7) Daemon
Alloy XAO Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
BBS Coin BBS Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
ByteCoin BCN Cryptonight 0 (Original) Daemon
Croat CROAT Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
Dero DERO Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
DigitalNote XDN Cryptonight 0 (Original) Daemon
EDollar EDL Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
Electroneum ETN Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
Fonero FNO Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
Graft GRFT Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
Haven XHV Cryptonight Heavy None Daemon
Intense ITNS Cryptonight 1 (Monero V7) Daemon
IPBC IPBC Cryptonight Light 2 (IPBC) Daemon
IntuCoin INTU Cryptonight 0 (Original) Daemon
Iridium IRD Cryptonight Light 1 (Aeon v7) Daemon
ItaloCoin ITA Cryptonight Heavy None Daemon
Karbo KRB Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
Loki LOK Cryptonight Heavy None Daemon
Masari MSR Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
Monero XMR Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
QwertyCoin QWC Cryptonight 0 (Original) Daemon
Stellite XTL Cryptonight 3 (Stellite v7) Daemon
Sumokoin SUMO Cryptonight Heavy None Daemon
Superior Coin SUP Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
Turtle Coin TRTL Cryptonight Light 1 (Aeon v7) Daemon
Ultranote XUN Cryptonight 1 (Monero v7) Daemon
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