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The Rans S-6S aircraft for FlightGear Flight Simulator
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The Rans S-6S ULM for FlightGear Flight Simulator.

When buying the Rans S-6S you get the base elements all send over to you and you need to build up the aircraft yourself. This ULM is pretty easy to build up if you have engough room available for the different pieces. The panel in this ULM version has been custumised up to my flying needs. This is some easy ULM to work on. I really enjoy to customise my little ULM.

This aircraft has 2 different FDM simulations, the Yasim and the JSBSim. We strongly recommend to use te Yasim version as this is the most realistic for the moment.


  • Complete functional cockpit.
  • Cockpit instrument lighting (Rembrandt render only).
  • Instrument information (use CTRL+C to activat) and button hover information.
  • Garmin 196 on the Panel.
  • Checklists.
  • Autostart feature as well as manual startup.

Know airfields where this aircraft is used

  • EBBZ (Buzet) - This Rans S 6-S ULM is the main attraction at EBBZ (Buzet). When trying some inititiation ULM flights, you fly with this ULM.


alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text


You will find more documentation in the Docs directory of the source tree.

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