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piro's backup

My personal solution for backups. Resulting backups are:

  • plain files: no zip or tar.
  • aperiodic: a backup may start if the PC is on at 3 AM, otherwise no big deal.
  • incremental: save only new files, the others are hardlinked.
  • keep daily backups for a week, weekly for a month, monthly for a year, yearly forever.
  • no password sent around or stored in files.

This is an extension on the rrsync script available online (and included in the repos as well). rrsync allows running rsync into a restricted directory with args sanitization. The project contains:

A script to create a new backup directory and curr and prev symlinks to the last dirs.
A script to finish the backup, eventually renaming or deleting old backups.
A script to run rrlinks, rrsync, or rrrotate on a restricted directory.


  • on the source host, create a dir, e.g. /root/backup and chdir into it.

  • on the source host, generate a new rsa pair with no passphrase:

    ssh-keygen -f SOURCE.id_rsa -N ''
  • on the target host, clone this repository, e.g. in /usr/local/src/backup. You may have to custmize the consts in rrsync

  • on the target host, configure sshd to accept at least forced command from root, e.g. add to /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

    PermitRootLogin forced-commands-only
  • on the target host, configure the pkey generated above to run the rrrsync command, e.g. add to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys:

    command="/usr/local/src/backup/rrrsync /backups" ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nza... root@SOURCE
  • on the source host, write a script to perform the backup via rsync and put it into crontab, e.g. /root/backup/backup.sh:

    export OPTS="-axvz --delete --delete-excluded --numeric-ids"
    export SSH='ssh -i SOURCE.id_rsa'
    $SSH root@target rrlinks
    rsync $OPTS -e "$SSH" --exclude-from=exclude.home --link-dest=/prev/home/ /home/ root@target:curr/home/
    rsync $OPTS -e "$SSH" --exclude-from=exclude.root --link-dest=/prev/root/ / root@target:curr/root/
    $SSH root@target rrrotate

The above example assumes home and / as two separate file systems to be backed up into different dirs. exclude.home and exclude.root are files to avoid backup (see rsync manpage). prev and curr are symlinks maintained by rrlinks. The result of running the script a couple of times is dirs on the target host such as:



This stuff has been designed for my own needs and amusement: although I think it is a good idea, it may be a bad one for you, in which case I hereby forbid you to sue me. Also, this stuff is GPL to be more enterprise-unfriendly. Have a nice day!