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Italian Codes Extension

The extension contains validation domains for Italian fiscal codes, such as Codice Fiscale and Partita IVA. See included documentation for instructions about the extension objects and their usage.


The easiest way to install the extension is to use the PGXN Client and run:

pgxn install italian_codes
pgxn load -d mydb italian_codes

To build from source, just do this:

make installcheck
make install

Once italian_codes is installed, you can add it to a database. If you're running PostgreSQL 9.1.0 or greater, it's as simple as connecting to a database as a super user and running:

CREATE EXTENSION italian_codes;

For versions of PostgreSQL less than 9.1.0, you'll need to run the installation script:

psql -d mydb -f /path/to/pgsql/share/contrib/italian_codes.sql

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2011 Daniele Varrazzo <>.

The package is released under BSD license. See COPYING for details.

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