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Points to work on: collaborators, please write what you are doing.


  • mpz dot accumulation function
  • write a wrap(mpz) function
  • documentation index

After first release

  • postgres mode for sphinx

  • Wrap integer operations

    Note: hard (see problems with mpq(n,d)) and probably useless.

  • mpf varlena I/O

    Note: we should wrap this instead:


  • Cast from mpz to integers (Torello - mk8)
  • Find the best way to return many values from functions such as divmod and fib2
  • mpq accumulation functions
  • mpq comparison and indexes
  • random state handling per session
  • Cast from mpq to other types
  • pygment lexer for psql
  • non cascade uninstall? (no, other extension have it cascade)
  • put the css in the right directory
  • hash mpz and mpq the same
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