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pgxnclient -- informative commands implementation
# Copyright (C) 2011 Daniele Varrazzo
# This file is part of the PGXN client
from pgxnclient.i18n import _, N_
from pgxnclient import SemVer
from pgxnclient.errors import NotFound, ResourceNotFound
from pgxnclient.commands import Command, WithSpec
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('pgxnclient.commands')
class Mirror(Command):
name = 'mirror'
description = N_("return information about the available mirrors")
def customize_parser(self, parser, subparsers, **kwargs):
subp = super(Mirror, self).customize_parser(
parser, subparsers, **kwargs)
subp.add_argument('uri', nargs='?', metavar="URI",
help = _("return detailed info about this mirror."
" If not specified return a list of mirror URIs"))
subp.add_argument('--detailed', action="store_true",
help = _("return full details for each mirror"))
return subp
def run(self):
data = self.api.mirrors()
if self.opts.uri:
detailed = True
data = [ d for d in data if d['uri'] == self.opts.uri ]
if not data:
raise ResourceNotFound(
_('mirror not found: %s') % self.opts.uri)
detailed = self.opts.detailed
for i, d in enumerate(data):
if not detailed:
print d['uri']
for k in [
"uri", "frequency", "location", "bandwidth", "organization",
"email", "timezone", "src", "rsync", "notes",]:
print "%s: %s" % (k, d.get(k, ''))
import re
import textwrap
import xml.sax.saxutils as saxutils
class Search(Command):
name = 'search'
description = N_("search in the available extensions")
def customize_parser(self, parser, subparsers, **kwargs):
subp = super(Search, self).customize_parser(
parser, subparsers, **kwargs)
g = subp.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
g.add_argument('--docs', dest='where', action='store_const',
const='docs', default='docs',
help=_("search in documentation [default]"))
g.add_argument('--dist', dest='where', action='store_const',
help=_("search in distributions"))
g.add_argument('--ext', dest='where', action='store_const',
help=_("search in extensions"))
subp.add_argument('query', metavar='TERM', nargs='+',
help = _("a string to search"))
return subp
def run(self):
data =, self.opts.query)
for hit in data['hits']:
print "%s %s" % (hit['dist'], hit['version'])
if 'excerpt' in hit:
excerpt = self.clean_excerpt(hit['excerpt'])
for line in textwrap.wrap(excerpt, 72):
print " " + line
def clean_excerpt(self, excerpt):
"""Clean up the excerpt returned in the json result for output."""
# replace ellipsis with three dots, as there's no chance
# to have them printed on non-utf8 consoles.
# Also, they suck obscenely on fixed-width output.
excerpt = excerpt.replace('…', '...')
# TODO: this apparently misses a few entities
excerpt = saxutils.unescape(excerpt)
excerpt = excerpt.replace('"', '"')
# Convert numerical entities
excerpt = re.sub(r'\&\#(\d+)\;',
lambda c: unichr(int(,
# Hilight found terms
# TODO: use proper highlight with escape chars?
excerpt = excerpt.replace('<strong></strong>', '')
excerpt = excerpt.replace('<strong>', '*')
excerpt = excerpt.replace('</strong>', '*')
return excerpt
class Info(WithSpec, Command):
name = 'info'
description = N_("print information about a distribution")
def customize_parser(self, parser, subparsers, **kwargs):
subp = super(Info, self).customize_parser(
parser, subparsers, **kwargs)
g = subp.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
g.add_argument('--details', dest='what',
action='store_const', const='details', default='details',
help=_("show details about the distribution [default]"))
g.add_argument('--meta', dest='what',
action='store_const', const='meta',
help=_("show the distribution META.json"))
g.add_argument('--readme', dest='what',
action='store_const', const='readme',
help=_("show the distribution README"))
g.add_argument('--versions', dest='what',
action='store_const', const='versions',
help=_("show the list of available versions"))
return subp
def run(self):
spec = self.get_spec()
getattr(self, 'print_' + self.opts.what)(spec)
def print_meta(self, spec):
data = self._get_dist_data(
ver = self.get_best_version(data, spec, quiet=True)
print self.api.meta(, ver, as_json=False)
def print_readme(self, spec):
data = self._get_dist_data(
ver = self.get_best_version(data, spec, quiet=True)
print self.api.readme(, ver)
def print_details(self, spec):
data = self._get_dist_data(
ver = self.get_best_version(data, spec, quiet=True)
data = self.api.meta(, ver)
for k in [u'name', u'abstract', u'description', u'maintainer', u'license',
u'release_status', u'version', u'date', u'sha1']:
v = data[k]
except KeyError:
logger.warn(_("data key '%s' not found"), k)
if isinstance(v, list):
for vv in v:
print "%s: %s" % (k, vv)
elif isinstance(v, dict):
for kk, vv in v.iteritems():
print "%s: %s: %s" % (k, kk, vv)
print "%s: %s" % (k, v)
k = 'provides'
for ext, dext in data[k].iteritems():
print "%s: %s: %s" % (k, ext, dext['version'])
k = 'prereqs'
if k in data:
for phase, rels in data[k].iteritems():
for rel, pkgs in rels.iteritems():
for pkg, ver in pkgs.iteritems():
print "%s: %s: %s %s" % (phase, rel, pkg, ver)
def print_versions(self, spec):
data = self._get_dist_data(
name = data['name']
vs = [ (SemVer(d['version']), s)
for s, ds in data['releases'].iteritems()
for d in ds ]
vs = [ (v, s) for v, s in vs if spec.accepted(v) ]
for v, s in vs:
print name, v, s
def _get_dist_data(self, name):
return self.api.dist(name)
except NotFound, e:
# maybe the user was looking for an extension instead?
ext = self.api.ext(name)
except NotFound:
vs = ext.get('versions', {})
for extver, ds in vs.iteritems():
for d in ds:
if 'dist' not in d: continue
dist = d['dist']
distver = d.get('version', 'unknown')
_("extension %s %s found in distribution %s %s"),
name, extver, dist, distver)
raise e
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