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pgxnclient -- tar file utilities
# Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Daniele Varrazzo
# This file is part of the PGXN client
import os
import tarfile
from pgxnclient.i18n import _
from pgxnclient.errors import PgxnClientException
from pgxnclient.archive import Archive
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('pgxnclient.tar')
class TarArchive(Archive):
"""Handle .tar archives"""
_file = None
def open(self):
assert not self._file, "archive already open"
self._file =, 'r')
except Exception, e:
raise PgxnClientException(
_("cannot open archive '%s': %s") % (self.filename, e))
def close(self):
if self._file is not None:
self._file = None
def list_files(self):
assert self._file, "archive not open"
return self._file.getnames()
def read(self, fn):
assert self._file, "archive not open"
return self._file.extractfile(fn).read()
def unpack(self, destdir):
tarname = self.filename"unpacking: %s"), tarname)
destdir = os.path.abspath(destdir)
for fn in self.list_files():
fname = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(destdir, fn))
if not fname.startswith(destdir):
raise PgxnClientException(
_("archive file '%s' trying to escape!") % fname)
return self._find_work_directory(destdir)
def unpack(filename, destdir):
return TarArchive(filename).unpack(destdir)
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