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pgxnclient -- main package
# Copyright (C) 2011 Daniele Varrazzo
# This file is part of the PGXN client
__version__ = '0.1a4'
import os
import re
import operator as _op
from pgxnclient.i18n import _
from pgxnclient.errors import BadSpecError, ResourceNotFound
from pgxnclient.utils.semver import SemVer
from pgxnclient.utils.label import Label
class Spec(object):
"""A name together with a range of versions."""
# Available release statuses.
# Order matters.
'unstable': UNSTABLE,
'testing': TESTING,
'stable': STABLE, }
def __init__(self, name=None, op=None, ver=None,
dirname=None, filename=None): = name
self.op = op
self.ver = ver
# point to local files
self.dirname = dirname
self.filename = filename
def is_dir(self):
return self.dirname is not None
def is_file(self):
return self.filename is not None
def is_local(self):
return self.is_dir() or self.is_file()
def __str__(self):
if self.op is None:
return "%s%s%s" % (, self.op, self.ver)
def parse(self, spec):
"""Parse a spec string into a populated Spec instance.
Raise BadSpecError if couldn't parse.
if os.sep in spec:
# This is a local thing, let's see what
if os.path.isdir(spec):
return Spec(dirname=spec)
elif os.path.exists(spec):
return Spec(filename=spec)
raise ResourceNotFound(_("cannot find '%s'") % spec)
# split operator/version and name
m = re.match(r'(.+?)(?:(==|=|>=|>|<=|<)(.*))?$', spec)
if m is None:
raise BadSpecError(
_("bad format for version specification: '%s'"), spec)
name = Label(
op =
if op == '=':
op = '=='
if op is not None:
ver = SemVer.clean(
ver = None
return Spec(name, op, ver)
def accepted(self, version, _map = {
'==': _op.eq, '<=': _op.le, '<':, '>=':, '>':}):
"""Return True if the given version is accepted in the spec."""
if self.op is None:
return True
return _map[self.op](version, self.ver)
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