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PGXN Client's documentation
@@ -11,6 +6,25 @@ line tool designed to interact with the `PostgreSQL Extension Network
<>`__ allowing searching, compiling, installing and removing
extensions in a PostgreSQL installation or database.
+For example, to install the semver_ extension, the client can be invoked as::
+ $ pgxn install semver
+which would download and compile the extension for one of the PostgreSQL
+servers hosted on the machine and::
+ $ pgxn load -d somedb semver
+which would load the extension in one of the databases of the server.
+The client interacts with the PGXN web service and a ``Makefile`` provided by
+the extension. The best results are achieved with makefiles using the
+PostgreSQL `Extension Building Infrastructure`__; however the client tries to
+degrade gracefully in presence of any package hosted on PGXN.
+.. _semver:
+.. __:
- Home page:
- Downloads:
- Discussion group:

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