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Added docs section about running the program from source

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@@ -38,10 +38,31 @@ to perform a local installation.
Installation from source
-The program can be also installed from the source, either from the git
-repository or from a source package: in this case you can install the program
+The program can also be installed from the source, either from a `source
+package`__ or from the `source repository`__: in this case you can install the
+program using::
$ python install
+.. __:
+.. __:
+Running from the project directory
+You can also run PGXN Client directly from the project directory, either
+unpacked from a `source package`__, or cloned from the `source repository`__,
+without performing any installation.
+Just make sure that the project directory is in the :envvar:`PYTHONPATH` and
+run the :program:`bin/pgxn` script::
+ $ cd /path/to/pgxnclient
+ $ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
+ $ ./bin/pgxn --version
+ pgxnclient 1.0.3.dev0 # just an example
+.. __:
+.. __:
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