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docs/usage: document --make option

  - document --make option for install/uninstall/check commands

  - fix usage lines which mention --pg_config option to use PROG instead of PATH
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@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@ Usage:
:class: pgxn-install
pgxn install [--help] [--stable | --testing | --unstable]
- [--pg_config *PATH*] [--sudo [*PROG*] | --nosudo]
+ [--pg_config *PROG*] [--make *PROG*]
+ [--sudo [*PROG*] | --nosudo]
The program takes a `package specification`_ identifying the distribution to
@@ -97,6 +98,11 @@ commands are implemented.
.. _PGXS:
+PGXS_ relies on a presence of GNU Make — in most systems it's
+usually installed as ``gmake`` or ``make`` executable. If it's not the case you
+should provide path to GNU Make (or just simply a different executable name)
+using ``--make`` option.
If there are many PostgreSQL installations on the system, the extension will
be built and installed against the instance whose :program:`pg_config` is
first found on the :envvar:`PATH`. A different instance can be specified using
@@ -131,7 +137,8 @@ Usage:
:class: pgxn-check
pgxn check [--help] [--stable | --testing | --unstable]
- [--pg_config *PATH*] [-d *DBNAME*] [-h *HOST*] [-p *PORT*] [-U *NAME*]
+ [--pg_config *PROG*] [--make *PROG*]
+ [-d *DBNAME*] [-h *HOST*] [-p *PORT*] [-U *NAME*]
The command takes a `package specification`_ identifying the distribution to
@@ -179,7 +186,8 @@ Usage:
:class: pgxn-uninstall
pgxn uninstall [--help] [--stable | --testing | --unstable]
- [--pg_config *PATH*] [--sudo [*PROG*] | --nosudo]
+ [--pg_config *PROG*] [--make *PROG*]
+ [--sudo [*PROG*] | --nosudo]
The command does the opposite of the install_ command, removing a

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