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Psycopg Buildbot

This project contains configuration for master and slaves to build and test Psycopg on supported platforms.

If you are interested in providing a build slave, for example if you want to be sure that Psycopg works as expected on your platform or with your server configuration, you can provide a specific build slave.

The code is currently tested with buildbot 0.8.3p1. You can try your luck with a newer version, but if you are not into gambling you can specify the release and install its dependencies using:

sudo easy_install buildbot==0.8.3p1

In order to create a slave you will need to:

Once you are happy send us a patch containing the configuration and the password for the slave.

Configuring a slave

Surprisingly enough, the slaves configuration resides in the master. So, if you want to create a new slave (e.g. to test Python 2.7 against PostgreSQL 9.1 on Slackware 64 bit) you need to:

  • define the slave configuration in psycobuild/,
  • add your slave to the slaves setting in,
  • add jobs for the slave in the builders settings.

These files already contain a few configured slave: use them to understand how to configure yours.

Once you have configured your slave, send us a patch to allow us to send it the correct jobs.

Running the master

The official master runs on You may want to run a master on your box in order to test a build process:

  • check out this project code,
  • create a build directory,
  • edit buildbot.tac and set the build directory as basedir,
  • use make start to start the build master,
  • take a look at twistd.log to check the system started correctly.

Creating a slave

Because all the configuration is in the master, the slave itself has little configuration: it only knows how to reach the master. If you only need a slave you don't even need the buildbot package: you may use easy_install buildbot-slave to get only the slave part.

  • Create an unprivileged user buildbot.

  • Create a dir /var/lib/buildbot and set buildbot as owner.

  • Decide a name for the slave, e.g. after your host name.

  • Make a random password, e.g. with:

    python -c "import hashlib; print hashlib.md5(open('/dev/urandom').read(16)).hexdigest()"
  • Create the slave:

    sudo -u buildbot buildbot create-slave /var/lib/buildbot/NAME NAME PASSWORD

    (the command may be different using the buildbot-slave package).

  • Add informations to admin and host in the info dir

To run the slave you can use:

sudo -u buildbot twistd --nodaemon --no_save -y buildbot.tac

in the slave directory. The slave actions are logged in twistd.log.

You can use localhost:9899 instead of maya in order to test the slave with a master of your own. You can change the values later in the buildbot.tac file. In order to allow the slave to connect to your local master you must add the slave password to the file.

Starting the slave with upstart

In order to have your slave automatically start with your machine, you may use an upstart (such as /etc/init/psycoslave.conf) script similar to this one:

description     "psycopg buildbot slave"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]


    cd /var/lib/buildbot/psycoslave
    sudo -u buildbot twistd --nodaemon --no_save -y buildbot.tac
end script