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fs = require "fs"
path = require "path"
child_process = require "child_process"
{Utils} = require './lib/utils'
spawn = (procName, optArray, silent=false) ->
proc = child_process.spawn procName, optArray
unless silent
proc.stdout.on 'data', (data) -> process.stdout.write data
proc.stderr.on 'data', (data) -> process.stderr.write data
optArrayFromDict = (opts) ->
result = []
for key, value of opts
if value instanceof Array
result.push "--#{key}=#{v}" for v in value
result.push "--#{key}=#{value}"
# visitor will get passed the file path as a parameter
visitDirectory = (directory, visitor) ->
fs.readdirSync(directory).forEach (filename) ->
filepath = path.join directory, filename
if (fs.statSync filepath).isDirectory()
return visitDirectory filepath, visitor
return unless (fs.statSync filepath).isFile()
task "build", "compile all coffeescript files to javascript", ->
coffee = spawn "coffee", ["-c", __dirname]
coffee.on 'exit', (returnCode) -> process.exit returnCode
task "clean", "removes any js files which were compiled from coffeescript", ->
visitDirectory __dirname, (filepath) ->
return unless (path.extname filepath) == ".js"
directory = path.dirname filepath
# Check if there exists a corresponding .coffee file
coffeeFile = fs.statSync path.join directory, "#{path.basename filepath, ".js"}.coffee"
catch _
fs.unlinkSync filepath if coffeeFile.isFile()
task "autobuild", "continually rebuild coffeescript files using coffee --watch", ->
coffee = spawn "coffee", ["-cw", __dirname]
task "package", "Builds a zip file for submission to the Chrome store. The output is in dist/", ->
# To get exec-sync, `npm install exec-sync`. We use this for synchronously executing shell commands.
execSync = require("exec-sync")
vimium_version = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("manifest.json").toString())["version"]
invoke "build"
execSync "rm -rf dist/vimium"
execSync "mkdir -p dist/vimium"
blacklist = [".*", "*.coffee", "*.md", "reference", "test_harnesses", "tests", "dist", "git_hooks",
"CREDITS", "node_modules", "MIT-LICENSE.txt", "Cakefile"]
rsyncOptions = [].concat.apply(
["-r", ".", "dist/vimium"], -> ["--exclude", "'#{item}'"]))
execSync "rsync " + rsyncOptions.join(" ")
execSync "cd dist && zip -r vimium-#{vimium_version}.zip vimium"
# This builds a CRX that's distributable outside of the Chrome web store. Is this used by folks who fork
# Vimium and want to distribute their fork?
task "package-custom-crx", "build .crx file", ->
invoke "build"
# ugly hack to modify our manifest file on-the-fly
origManifestText = fs.readFileSync "manifest.json"
manifest = JSON.parse origManifestText
manifest.update_url = ""
fs.writeFileSync "manifest.json", JSON.stringify manifest
crxmake = spawn "crxmake", optArrayFromDict
"pack-extension": "."
"pack-extension-key": "vimium.pem"
"extension-output": "vimium-latest.crx"
"ignore-file": "(^\\.|\\.(coffee|crx|pem|un~)$)"
"ignore-dir": "^(\\.|test)"
crxmake.on "exit", -> fs.writeFileSync "manifest.json", origManifestText
runUnitTests = (projectDir=".", testNameFilter) ->
console.log "Running unit tests..."
basedir = path.join projectDir, "/tests/unit_tests/"
test_files = fs.readdirSync(basedir).filter((filename) -> filename.indexOf("_test.js") > 0)
test_files = -> basedir + filename)
test_files.forEach (file) -> require (if file[0] == '/' then '' else './') + file
return Tests.testsFailed
option '', '--filter-tests [string]', 'filter tests by matching string'
task "test", "run all tests", (options) ->
unitTestsFailed = runUnitTests('.', options['filter-tests'])
console.log "Running DOM tests..."
phantom = spawn "phantomjs", ["./tests/dom_tests/phantom_runner.js"]
phantom.on 'exit', (returnCode) ->
if returnCode > 0 or unitTestsFailed > 0
process.exit 1
process.exit 0
task "coverage", "generate coverage report", ->
temp = require 'temp'
tmpDir = temp.mkdirSync null
jscoverage = spawn "jscoverage", [".", tmpDir].concat optArrayFromDict
"exclude": [".git", "node_modules"]
"no-instrument": "tests"
jscoverage.on 'exit', (returnCode) ->
process.exit 1 unless returnCode == 0
console.log "Running DOM tests..."
phantom = spawn "phantomjs", [path.join(tmpDir, "tests/dom_tests/phantom_runner.js"), "--coverage"]
phantom.on 'exit', ->
# merge the coverage counts from the DOM tests with those from the unit tests
global._$jscoverage = JSON.parse fs.readFileSync path.join(tmpDir,
# marshal the counts into a form that the JSCoverage front-end expects
result = {}
for fname, coverage of _$jscoverage
result[fname] =
coverage: coverage
source: (Utils.escapeHtml fs.readFileSync fname, 'utf-8').split '\n'
fs.writeFileSync 'jscoverage.json', JSON.stringify(result)