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Boilerplate project showing use of BokehJS to embed Bokeh in HTML webpages
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Embedding Bokeh into a ReactJS app using BokehJS

This project highlights how to use BokehJS to (very) easily include Bokeh visualizations in an HTML webpage.

The project uses the following tech:

  • Bootstrapped with Create React App.
  • Bokeh is an excellent python vizualization library that is quite popular among data scientists. Bokeh Homepage
  • Flask is a python webserver microframework that allows you to quickly and easily define a webserver in python. Flask Homepage
  • BokehJS is a subset of the Bokeh project and makes it really easy to embed the visuals generated by Bokeh into a webpage. BokehJS Documentation


  • Python 3(.6)
  • pip
  • NodeJS
  • npm / yarn (I assume yarn in this documentation)
  • if you'd like a seperate python execution environment - pipenv


  • Clone repo
  • cd bokeh-react
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • yarn install

Available Scripts

In the project directory, you can run:

  • yarn start : initializes react frontend dev server on port 5000
  • python3 : initializes python backend server on port 3000

More Info

Please read the blog post available here: ([]

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