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The arrow keys can now be held down
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Space Invaders

This project is an entry in the 2012 Devnology [Code Fest]( "Devnology detailpage on 2012 Code Fest).


For an introduction to Space Invaders see wikipedia.

Devnology's mission can be found on the about page.


The language for this project is Ruby. it is chosen in order to gain experience with the language. In particular I am interested in broadening my knowledge about


We are using Ruby Version Manager (rvm) to control which version of ruby and gems we are using. The following setup was used to start developing

> rvm use 1.9.2
> rvm gemset create invaders
> rvm use 1.9.2@invaders

We are using Bundler to control the gem versions. Use the following command to fetch all necessary gems.

> bundle install


To play a game space invaders execute

> ruby -I src client.rb
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