Work for 25 minutes alone, then chat for 5 minutes together!
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Decide if i want this to be a full fledged cms Decide if I want to work on the Django tutorial in tandem so if I get stuck I can swap back and forth?

Draw up wireframes for the whole app, and figure out all of the react companents Design the entire api Consider balsamiq Consider installing Windows

Version 1 Features

  • Be able to without logging in, use the tomato timer and a single todo list stored locally (same features from the original version)
  • Be able to log in, create an account, and pay
  • Once logged in, be able to create projects and add tasks to the lists

Version 2 Features

  • Habit tracking
  • Idea capture
  • Decision making
  • Contacts manager
  • Statistics and tracking of what you get done
  • Public stats page that shows your tomatoes per day, embed on your website (market method)

Floss Eat x number of veggies wake up by 7am go to bed by 11pm stream today took a walk today start evening stream by 6pm

I wilt at 9pm, so start stream at 6pm if I want 3 hours

Reasons for making

  • Practice my stack
  • Figure out my process for building things
  • Make the task management system I want myself
  • Potentially sell it if it is useful enough
  • People wanted to be able to use the old tomatoes together again, and it was broken


  • ReactJS/React Native
  • Typescript
  • Browserify
  • Python 3
  • Django/Django Rest Framework
  • Django Channels/ for websocket stuff

Make it so that you can enter your distracting communication website into the app and it will show that site only during the tomato break Slack, Gmail, Hangouts

Free version can be just the tomato timer, and you can create todo lists but not save them other than in local storage Paid version adds todo lists/projects, tagging things, saving how many tomatoes you have done, stats and graphs I want to make the tool that will help me create more apps and maybe it will be helpful to other people too

Make it easy to download your data Make it open source and say if you want to have the full version without paying, you can set it up yourself

This app may also allow me to focus more while working if I put the twitch chat into the system

Use twitch streams for marketing


  • Ability to capture ideas and tasks from any device

Different kinds of todos: Time sensitive one off todos (errands) Fill in my channel description because it is blank Buy a coffee maker Recurring tasks (chores) Do the dishes Tidy the house Pay the rent Scheduled tasks (appointments) Something on a calendar, could also be recurring Habits Did I floss Did I upload vods to youtube Lists Things I want to blog about Recipes I want to try cooking Things to buy

Buy a coffee maker by the end of the week To buy Has deadline

Ability to easy run it yourself and export your data Open source - if you want to run your own instance you can Make it easy to get a json dump or whatever dump of all your data

When at the store, I can on my phone pull up "show me all tasks with the to buy tag"

Pricing Make it a flat $9 a month, but open source it and if you want to self-host you can (or an enterprise can for $999 a month)

Workflows Create project Manage tasks per project Tomato page

  • if you change your tomato task during the tomato it shows all of them in the chat during the break

  • suggest taking a long break after 4

  • have some way to say "i'm working on this for this tomato" and confirm that you are doing this tomato

  • show the chat always if you haven't confirmed you are doing this tomato add a 'doingthistomato' variable

    I am not sure what you mean by this // ChillyFlashER

  • favicon (tomato)

  • add user accounts (login with facebook, twitter, gmail? username/password)

  • show what everyone else did during the break?

  • leaderboards for most tomatoes ever, most tomatoes per day

  • show everyone who is doing a tomato right now

  • make login optional and have leaderboards for people who are logged in

  • count the total number of tomatoes ever done

  • give guests names like adjective + "Tomato": Suspicious Tomato

  • make the tomato timer pop out

  • mark whether or not your tomato was a success (rate 1-5 stars how productive you were)

  • have a way to share a screenshot with people of what you did combine with GTD, todo lists

  • add streaming your tomatos?

  • If you refresh you lose your current tomato

  • Add user connect/disconnect to history?