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This project is currently frozen. If you want to help developing it, please feel free to ping me


a minimalistic github flavored markdown editor



On mac, install it through cask:

brew cask install markright

Alternatively, check out the latest release to quickly find the latest version. Here are the current binaries:

Command line

On mac, you can launch markright from the command line with a little alias:

alias markright="open -a /Applications/MarkRight.app"
markright README.md


MarkRight is written in clojurescript. To build, make sure you have clojure and leiningen installed on your system.


  • npm
  • leiningen
  • bower
  • npm install
  • bower install


All commands you need are available inside package.json. To compile the code, run npm run compile:<prod/dev>. node/ is the folder that goes into electron.


To develop, run the self-reloading build:

  • lein run -m build/ui-dev
  • lein run -m build/main-dev

shadow-build will live-reload the frontend so you don't need to refresh. If you change main.cljs however, you'll have to restart electron to reload your changes.


Licensed under GPLv3