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Rock your SublimeText with VIM keybindings and Sublimious!

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Sublimious is SublimeText 3 configuration system inspired by spacemacs and based around VIM.

NOTE: Due to the SublimeText's uncertain future and slow development this project has been frozen and development shifted to atom with proton. If ST3's development picks up and long needed features are getting implemented, I will continue this project. Until then, PRs are welcome!



Install sublimious through package control.

Currently sublimious is using the Hack font face. If you don't have it installed, change font_face inside your .sublimious or download it here - I can highly recommend you to install it though!

Alternatively, clone this repository into your Packages/ directory if you prefer this method (good if you want to contribute :)!)

Be warned! Sublimious is a complete configuration system and will nuke your existing configuration. Make sure to backup your configs before trying sublimious!


Control everything with easy to remember shortcuts!


  • Preconfigured: sublimious instantly makes sublime text better by shipping with a handful of hand-tested settings
  • VIM everywhere!: All packages included with sublimious have been remapped to fit with vim keybindings
  • Easy to remember mnemonic: Each command is mapped to a category / key combination that fits the action. <spc> w v for example splits the [w]indow [v]ertically.
  • Layer based configuration: Check layers/ for all configuration sets shipping with sublimious. Just add it to your ~/.sublimious config and they will be included upon restart
  • Easy to use with dotfiles: Just take your ~/.sublimious config to your new pc and it will act exactly the same way as it did on your other pc
  • Central configuration: Instead of maintaining 10 files, you only have 1 to put your settings in


Sublimious comes with a keybinding helper to ease you in with everything. Just hit space and a popup will tell you what you can perform.


In general, sublimious follows the spacemacs mnemonic:

  • <spc> p is for project commands
  • <spc> b is for actions on the current buffer
  • <spc> g is for git (needs git layer)
  • <spc> w for window (splits and co)
  • <spc> s for the current (visual) selection
  • <spc> e for errors (linting)
  • <spc> t is for toggles (sidebar, statusbar)
  • <spc> _ is for meta commands (sublimious reload)

Sublimious tries to add vim-like keybindings for every plugin possible. Sidebar navigation for example has been remapped to j/k.

Tips and Tricks

  • after changing your .sublimious file, hit <spc> _ r to re-feed your .sublimious config into sublimetext. All changes will be reloaded immediately. This includes packages, settings and layers.


There are a lot of things to do. Please check out the issue tracker and feel free to submit a pull request.

For contributing guidelines, make sure you read the document.




Sublime configuration kit inspired by spacemacs and focused around VIM







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