The largest collection of useful .gitignore templates
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The largest collection of useful .gitignore templates

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This project is also the canonical repository where the template list comes from. Here are the reasons behind the need for this repository:


This testing process ensures that the DVCS template list contains all of the changes from GitHub's template list. The CI system will automatically listen to commits from GitHub and merge any changes.

  1. Pre-requisites
pip install moban
  1. Sync repository with GitHub and copy templates


There are four file types that recognizes

  1. Templates

    A .gitignore file is the foundation of all templates. Each .gitignore file contains gitignore information related to the title of the file. For example, Go.gitignore contains a gitignore template that is used when creating a project using the Go programming language.

  2. Patch

    A .patch is a file to extend the functionality of a template. The source for some of the template files on dvcs/gitignore come from github/gitignore. GitHub maintains strict contributing guidelines and the .patch file allows anyone to extend any of the templates to add extra template rules

  3. Stack

    A .stack is a file that allows for the creation of code stacks (LAMP, MEAN, React Native). In today's development environment a .gitignore file is usually comprised of multiple technologies. A stack creates an elegant way to keep the stack up to date with child dependencies.

  4. Order

    The order file simply ensure that if certain templates are requested, the order in which the templates are loaded is maintained.