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LanguageVersionFile NameMaintainerComments
🍏 English1.4.5ImgDrive_ENG.ini@dvdforge
🍏 Japanese1.4.5ImgDrive_JPN.ini@Pentive
🍊 German1.4.0ImgDrive_DEU.ini@dvdforge
🍏 Chinese (PRC)1.4.5ImgDrive_CHS.iniMark Zhang
🍏 Italian1.4.5ImgDrive_ITA.ini@bovirus @gokronikos
🍏 Slovak1.4.5ImgDrive_SKY.ini@MatejGolian
🍏 Russian1.4.5ImgDrive_RUS.ini@oldman777
🍏 Korean1.4.5ImgDrive_KOR.iniJaehyung Lee
🍏 Spanish1.4.5ImgDrive_SPA.ini@c-sanchez
🍊 French1.3.4ImgDrive_FRA.inipaulot
🍊 Portuguese1.3.4ImgDrive_PTG.iniCarlos B. Jorge
🍎 Swedish1.2.0ImgDrive_SVE.iniNeed Translators

🍏 Up to date
🍊 Not up to date
🍎 Broken, We need new translators

How to Translate

Download ImgDrive_ENG.ini (right click the link, save as), translate strings after '=' character, and send the file to

We will send email to all translators when has new strings need to be translated.

Every translator will receive a free license key, thanks for your contribution.

Convert .ini to .lng

  1. Double click ini2lng, this will translate IMGDRIVE_XXX.ini to IMGDRIVE_XXX.lng
  2. Copy the Language\IMGDRIVE_XXX.lng to %ProgramFiles%\ImgDrive\Language, then restart ImgDrive.