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        X.Org Wii Remote Input Driver

This package includes an X.Org input driver for Nintendo Wii Remotes. It is
based on the xwiimote packages available at

To install this driver use:
	./configure --prefix=/usr
	make install

Please also copy the configuration file, otherwise the driver won't get loaded:
	cp 60-xorg-xwiimote.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

Please see the man-page of the driver for further information.

This driver was written by (ordered by commit-dates):
	David Herrmann <>
	Matthew Monaco
	Andreas Fuchs <>
	John Koelndorfer <>
	Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre <>

For license information see ./COPYING. If you have questions please don't
hesitate to contact one of the maintainers either per email or on github:
	- David Herrmann <>
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