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This project's code is designed to fulfill several deployment scenarios. 
These are *some* of the targeted scenarios:

- command-line execution (blocks console until keyboard interrupt)
- Deployment with various WSGI servers like:
	- Cherrypy, WSGI mode.
	- Apache mod_WSGI (*nix, Windows)
	- Microsoft IIS 6,7.x (ISAPI_WSGI + cPython, NWSGI + IronPython)

See individual folders under EXAMPLES folder for deployment instructions.

General notes:
1. This project uses git submodules. If you pull this project with git, 
please, ensure that after you do the 'git clone' you do:
 git submodule init
 git submodule update
2. This project relies on a git executable to be present and visible on the path.
There is no way to tell the server the path to git executable.
Please, ensure that running "git" in the console produces git executable output. 
On *nix-like systems, installing git package usually exposes that by default.
On Windows, you have choice - cygwin or MSysGit. I prefer cygwin. Either way,
make sure to add git.exe's folder to the PATH list.